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Jiangsu Esone New Material is a professional manufacturer specializing in PTFE & Silicone Rubber coated Fabrics, PTFE & Silicone Rubber Sheets, and Films.

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Esone selects the best-imported fiberglass as the weaving material to knit fiberglass cloth coating PTFE resin to make it into different thicknesses, widths, and colors.

Esone use high quality PTFE Fabrics with a special surface treatment and then coating with silicone & acrylic adhesive to produce PTFE Adhesive

Esone pick best E-glassfiber fabrics coating Silicone Rubber into with different thickness, width. We can also laminate differ layers together.

Esone choose good glassfiber fabrics to weave into differnt pattern with various mesh sizes and coated with PTFE resin to make differnt PTFE Belting.

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