PTFE Seamless Fusing Machine Belt Big Width 1600mm

PTFE Seamless Fusing Machine Belt chooses durable, flexible endless woven glass fiber fabric that is coated with carbon mixed PTFE liquid to give it a finished look. This process creates the perfect fusing appearance of fabrics while still retaining their strength and durability making these belts perfect for any fusing.

What is a Fusing Machine?

A fusing machine is mainly used for heat-fusing fabrics or shirts, and coats. It often works with high temperature and pressure to fuse two or three layers of fabrics together.

It is a creative invention for the garment industry.

What is PTFE Seamless Fusing Machine Belt?

PTFE Fusing Machine Belt works as a release and conveyor belt between two sets of rollers.

So each fusing machine is equipped with two sets of belts, one for the upper roller and the other for the lower roller.

But each belt’s size is different with a bigger lower belt size.

What are the biggest sizes we can supply?

Wide-scale fusing machine widths range from 1400mm, 1600mm to 1800mm.

The biggest size we can offer is 1600mm wide, 6700mm long, which covers all the models.

The Advantages of Fusing Machine Belt?

1. Anti-static Surface

The conveyor belt moves through the atmosphere generating electrostatic charges. If this build-up, fuse fabrics into a heat treating zone will tend to repel each other and move about upon it pile-up with light products stuck on top as well! That’s why we add carbon here; an electrically conductive material for our antistatic purposes.

2. High-temperature Resistant

ptfe glass fiber high temperature
ptfe glass fiber high temperature

Heating elements install on fusing machines, the working temperature ranges from 0~300 degrees which varies depending on the fusing fabrics. Fusing Machine Belts can resist temperatures up to 360 degrees, high enough to cover the fusing temperature.

3. Correct Running Position

The belt’s design features a jointless construction which allows it to stay in one place without moving around. This increased the lifetime of your belts and will save you money over time on repairs due because they don’t break as often when their position is not correct!

4. Good Heat Transfer

There are a number of ways to help maintain good heat transfer between the laminated belts and your press, but it’s important not to overdo things. We offer our customers 0.35mm to 0.38mm fusing Machine Belts with even surfaces for stable transfers that will give you all the power possible in whatever fusing fabrics.

What services do we offer?

We provide unique packing for each belt yet still provide wholesale packing for distributors with 2-3 belts packed together.

We can laser code each belt with the customer’s logo or belt sizes.

Thickness: ranges from 0.35mm ~ to 0.38mm

Color: Black(antistatic can workable or just simple black color)/ Creamy/White

Delivery time: 3~5 days depends on whether the belt size is standard.


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