Self Adhesive Teflon Tape 0.08mm for Compound machine

Teflon welding machines are a type of equipment that is specifically designed to weld several layers of Teflon Cloth or PTFE Fabrics (polytetrafluoroethylene) together. These machines use either hot air or hot plate welding techniques to create a strong, long-lasting bond between Teflon materials. Below are some of the key features and benefits of Teflon welding machines:


  1. Highly precise and consistent welds – Teflon welding machines offer a high degree of control over the welding process, allowing operators to adjust the temperature, pressure, and other parameters to achieve the desired results.

  2. Resistant to chemicals and high temperatures – Teflon welding machines produce bonds that are highly resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and high temperatures, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.

  3. Easy to operate and maintain – Most Teflon welding machines are designed with user-friendly controls and require minimal maintenance, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to improve their manufacturing processes.

  4. Ideal for a range of applications – Teflon welding machines are commonly used in the production of aerospace components, medical equipment, electronic parts, and other high-tech components.

  5. Offers a high degree of reliability and durability – Teflon welding machines produce strong and long-lasting bonds, ensuring a high degree of reliability and durability in the finished product.

  6. Provides a cost-effective solution – Teflon welding machines can help businesses save on production costs by streamlining the manufacturing process and improving efficiency.

  7. Creates seamless, nearly invisible welds – The bonds created by Teflon welding machines are seamless and nearly invisible, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing finished product.

  8. Standard Working Temperature and Time- .Normally 2 thinner layers of PTFE Fabrics can be welded in 400 degrees for 2-5 minutes.

Teflon welding machines are an essential tool for businesses that work with Teflon materials. They offer a range of benefits, including highly precise and consistent welds, resistance to chemicals and high temperatures, and a cost-effective solution for improving manufacturing processes. Whether you are in the aerospace, medical, or electronics industry, a Teflon welding machine can help you achieve the results you need to succeed.

Other Accessories:

FEP FIlm and PTFE Film 


What is the compound machine?

 A compound machine is created for sizing and compounding cloth, sponge, EVA, rayon, leather, artificial leather, cardboard, non-woven fabrics, adhesive-bonded fabrics, wallpaper decoration, and other films, and fabrics.

How does the compound machine work?

According to different laminating fabrics, the compound machine uses various ways to hot-melt the adhesive or glue, and then heat press it with different layers of fabrics and then compound these layers together with automatic tension control.

Which part of the compound machines requires Self Adhesive Teflon Tape?

With since the glue or adhesive is heat-melt, the sticky liquids sometimes get out of the fabrics to the roller.
Most of the roller is made from stainless steel or other metals, frequent cleaning of the surface will decrease the compound efficiency. 
So our Self-adhesive Teflon tape is chosen to stick on the metal roller surface.

What is the Advantage to use Self Adhesive Teflon Tape?

1. High-temperature resistant

teflon glass high temperature

There are two heating methods in this industry: electric heating and steam heating, both require high temperatures between 100~200 degrees(depending on the heating fabrics), so the Self Adhesive Teflon Tape has to resist high temperatures.

2. Chemical Resistance

Hot melting or compound process involves extreme operating conditions including glues, adhesives, EVA liquids, and other chemicals, these chemicals unavoidably can damage the metal roller and shorten its lifetime.  Therefore Self Adhesive Teflon Tape must consider the stiffness and chemical resistance when manufacturing the compound fabrics.PTFE Adhesive Tape Premium can resist almost all chemicals, even including Strong Acids and Alkali, so it is totally chemical-free.

3. Low friction

The motion efficiency of the compounding relies on the friction between the drive and the feed of the rolling work.  Because self Adhesive Teflon Tape has very low friction due to its non-stick surface which provides excellent release properties. This helps reduces the friction hence limiting the power to drive the movement of rollers and saving a lot of energy.

4. High Tensile Strength

Pressure is transmitted from the roller to the fabric surface which can compound the adhesive and fabrics together tightly. 
Self Adhesive Teflon Tape is made of woven glass fiber fabrics as the basic construction, which ensures the high strength of the compounding process.

The standard specification for Compounding Machine.

We offer two popular specifications :


PTFE Coated Glass fiber Fabric thickness of 0.08mm and silicone adhesive thickness of 0.05mm.
Product Product Category Coating
Properties Metric Imperial
Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000, 1250 mm 39.5, 49.3 inches
Backing thickness
PTFE Glass
0.08 mm 0.0031 inches
Total Thickness
PTFE Glass and Silicone PSA
0.13 mm 0.0051 inches
Backing weight
PTFE Glass
155 g/m² 4.57 oz/yd²
Tensile Strength 104 N/cm          Warp 59.5 lbs/inches          Warp
98 N/cm Fill 56 lbs/inches              Fill
Adhesion 4.4 N/cm 40 oz/inches
Temperature resistance x-73 to +260 °C x-100 to +500 °F
Width: normally the width of the roller ranges between 1500mm ~ and 2000mm.
Since the max width of Self Adhesive Teflon Tape only reaches 1200mm, so you can install the length of our Teflon Tape on the Width of the roller.
The width of our Teflon Tape(1000mm/1200mm) sticks to the diameter size of the roller.
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Self Adhesive Teflon Tape 0.08mm for Compound machine

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