Versaflon operates two factories with a sister company of Esone in China with more than 30 years of experience in the PTFE industry. We are equipped with 13 PTFE vertical coating line, 15 Seamless Belt coating tower, 2 horizontal coating line, big width dornier weaving machine, two automatic silicone mat manufacturing line and other facilities.

Versaflon has been a leader in the PTFE & Silicone series products since the founding.We distribute a complete line covers the products of PTFE Coated Fabrics, PTFE Adhesive Fabrics, PTFE Skived, and Cast Film, PTFE Cast Film Laminated Fabrics, PTFE Open Mesh Fabric, PTFE Insulation Jackets PTFE Belt, PTFE Film, Silicone Coated Fabric, Silicone Calendar Fabric, PTFE & Silicone for Bake and Grill.

Versaflon serves a wide range of industries including drink, food, and pharmaceutical, chemical, water treatment, aerospace, brewing, mining and quarrying, brick manufacture, textiles, packaging, and distribution. Versaflon strives for long-term solutions, reliable supply, and superior customer service, with wide experiences in plastics and rubber engineering, we are renowned for our ability to provide solutions to unusual and difficult applications.

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