Antistatic PTFE Adhesive Tape

Antistatic PTFE Adhesive Tape

Static electricity can be a problem for manufacturers. Static electricity is the buildup of an electrical charge, typically due to rubbing two surfaces together, one of which has a high level of static cling. This can cause problems with delicate equipment and precision instruments that are sensitive to static buildup. With the introduction of our black Antistatic PTFE Adhesive Tape, you’ll be able to eliminate these issues without having to worry about messy sprays or powders. 


Antistatic PTFE Adhesive Tape is made from PTFE Cloth Antistatic, which has special formulated conductive PTFE resin.

Black Teflon Adhesive Tape

Available colors

Black Teflon Adhesive Tape
Esone Antistatic PTFE Adhesive Tape
These conductive tapes are the perfect solution for applications that require a static dissipative performance, release properties or high temperature. They also provide chemical and environmental resistance to resist wear-and-tear caused by contamination in your product’s environment
What is more, this tape is workable for food contact.

Properties and Advantages:

1. Temperature resistance: -70~280 degrees

2. Nonstick optimal release surface

2. Conductive properties, low coefficient of friction

3. Protects against electrostatic discharge

4. Make your products more efficient and cost-effective

5. Reduce the risk of accidents in high-speed environments

6. Keep your products safe from static electricity

Different Shapes:

Normally, this antistatic adhesive tape is supplied with a yellow release liner for protection.

Esone Adhesive with liner

PTFE Adhesive Tape with PVC Yellow Release Liner

Esone PTFE Adhesive Tape Dot Liner

Dot PVC Release Liner
(non-standard in stock)

Esone PTFE Adhesive Tape Stripe Liner

Stripe PVC Release Liner

(standard, available in stock)

However, we can make it without the need of peel-off hassle in complicated production environments if needed– saving time and money!
For PTFE Adhesive Tape without liner, we offer two PP core with 38mm and 76mm core diameter.
Esone Adhesive with no liner

PTFE Adhesive Tape

without PVC Yellow Release Liner

Esone ptfe adhesive tape

PTFE  Adhesive Tape

38mm PP Core no Liner


Esone ptfe adhesive tape

PTFE Adhesive Tape

76mm PP Core no Liner


Item NO Width
Tech Data
YS7008BJ 1000,1250 0.08 0.13 155 4.4 YS7008BJ
YS7011BJ 1000 0.11 0.16 250 5.4 YS7011BJ
YS7013BJ 1000 0.13 0.18 270 5.4 YS7013BJ

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How We Pack:

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Esone Teflon Tape Packing (1)
Black Teflon Adhesive Tape

Services We Offer:

We offer the widest max width of 1200mm and our standard 1000mm.

For any width within 1200mm, we offer cutting with no extra cost.

We also have a variety in length, with most customers choosing 30 meters or 33 meters or 50 meters for their needs.

However, if you need something shorter than this, we are happy to cut it as well without extra charges. 

You can also get stickers or custom packaging with repackaging on them when you order from us online- this will make getting goods delivered quicker and easier than ever before compared. You are in control and your products will always stand out against the competition with our customizable options available.

Some Popular Applications:

PCB (1)


PTFE Cloth Antistatic for Bag Sealing

Bag selling

Esone PTFE Cloth Antistatic for heat transfer

Heat transfer

Other Applications:

1. Insulation: slot-stick and commutator; slot liners, spaces, field, and armature winding; wire and cable insulation and protection for industries like LCD/FPC/PCB

2. Packaging: form fill and seal, impulse/L-bar and polybag sealing

3.  Battery manufacturing: protection of electric wire, dynamo and other electrical applications.

4. Chemical processing: tank seals and contaminant barriers, gaskets, membranes, seals &  diaphragms, corrosion-resistant chute, drum, hopper liners, the lining of spray booths, guide rails.

5. Composite: mold release and bonding, vacuum bagging.

6. Other applications which require chemical and high-temperature resistance.

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