Fusing Machine Belt

Fusing Machine Belt Structures:

Esone coatts PTFE on a continuous woven glass fiber fabrics belt since this belt is already woven endless, so there is no joint at all.

Fusing Machine Belt
esone fusing machine belt

Available colors

Esone PTFE Tape color

1. Temperature resistance: -70~360 degrees

2. Nonstick optimal release surface

3. Protects against electrostatic discharge

4. Excellent dimensional stability and durability.

5. Reduce the risk of accidents in high-speed environments

What is Fusing Machine:

fusing machine

The Fusing Machine is a useful tool for not only soft and elastomeric fabrics, but also shrinkage. This machine can be used to fuse all of these different types on material together into one piece which will give you hassle free sewing without any mistakes.

What is Fusing Machine Belt:

Fusing machine belts are often used in the fusing and laminating process as conveyor belts. They provide stability for dual-scraper designs with two sets of pressure rollers on each side, which help produce high-quality products. The Fusing machine is equipped with two belts as a set. This ensures clean removal of the fused laminates from the conveyor belt and also allows for easy transportability of its own accord! This machine belt is made of a conductive material to prevent static from accumulating on the fusing fabrics.

Advantages of Fusing Machine Belt:

Nonstick Surface 

The belts of this machine offer a consistently high quality due to their optimized nonstick characteristics on both inner and outer sides. As a result, there is less soiling from roller movement.

Good Heat Transfer

There are a number of ways to help maintain good heat transfer between the laminated belts and your press, but it’s important not to overdo things. We offer our customers 0.35mm to 0.38mm fusing Machine Belts with even surfaces for stable transfers that will give you all the power possible in whatever fusing fabrics.

Light Weight, Energy Saving

The belt is made of lightweight material, so it has the ability to reduce weight on side panels for easier maintenance and lower minimum energy consumption

Correct Conveying Position

The belt’s design features a jointless construction which allows it to stay in one place without moving around. This increased the lifetime of your belts and will save you money over time on repairs due because they don’t break as often when they’re positioned correctly!

Belt Sizes:

We offer different edges, and reinforcements to meet requirements from various machines as follows:

Normally we offer thickness ranges from 0.35mm ~ 0.55mm(thickness varies according to different belt sizes)
Max width: 1600mm
Standard Length as follows:
Edge Reinforcement

1360 1380 1440 1470 1510 1520 1530 1540
1580 1600 1640 1660 1680 1730 1740 1780
1840 1850 1870 1880 1950 2000 2040 2100
2250 2310 2320 2420 2440 2450 2500 2600
2800 2820 2850 2880 2900 3050 3080 3090
3540 3590 3820 3850 3890 3900 3920 3930
5100 5270 5400 5640 5800 6000 6440 6700
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