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Teflon welding machines are a type of equipment that is specifically designed to weld several layers of Teflon Cloth or PTFE Fabrics (polytetrafluoroethylene) together. These machines use either hot air or hot plate welding techniques to create a strong, long-lasting bond between Teflon materials. Below are some of the key features and benefits of Teflon welding machines:


  1. Highly precise and consistent welds – Teflon welding machines offer a high degree of control over the welding process, allowing operators to adjust the temperature, pressure, and other parameters to achieve the desired results.

  2. Resistant to chemicals and high temperatures – Teflon welding machines produce bonds that are highly resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and high temperatures, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.

  3. Easy to operate and maintain – Most Teflon welding machines are designed with user-friendly controls and require minimal maintenance, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to improve their manufacturing processes.

  4. Ideal for a range of applications – Teflon welding machines are commonly used in the production of aerospace components, medical equipment, electronic parts, and other high-tech components.

  5. Offers a high degree of reliability and durability – Teflon welding machines produce strong and long-lasting bonds, ensuring a high degree of reliability and durability in the finished product.

  6. Provides a cost-effective solution – Teflon welding machines can help businesses save on production costs by streamlining the manufacturing process and improving efficiency.

  7. Creates seamless, nearly invisible welds – The bonds created by Teflon welding machines are seamless and nearly invisible, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing finished product.

  8. Standard Working Temperature and Time- .Normally 2 thinner layers of PTFE Fabrics can be welded in 400 degrees for 2-5 minutes.

Teflon welding machines are an essential tool for businesses that work with Teflon materials. They offer a range of benefits, including highly precise and consistent welds, resistance to chemicals and high temperatures, and a cost-effective solution for improving manufacturing processes. Whether you are in the aerospace, medical, or electronics industry, a Teflon welding machine can help you achieve the results you need to succeed.

Other Accessories:

FEP FIlm and PTFE Film 


PTFE Adhesive Tape is frequently required for cylinder dryers.

What is Cylinder Dryer?

A cylinder dryer is widely used for high-efficiency methods of intermediate, drying, or removing the remaining excess water from final fabrics, it is suitable for one or two-sided drying of all types of fabrics.
Most cylinder dryer is made of stainless steel with electricity or water or steam heaters inside with temperature ranges between 120-130 °C.
It is a cost-effective method for drying and light finishes. 
cylinder dryer
cylinder dryer

What are the potential problems if PTFE Adhesive Tape is not installed?

When heated at a high temperature, all liquids or solids increase velocity, which will stick on the surface of the cylinder dryer.
After a short time of production, all these liquids and solids will accumulate on the cylinder dryer thus damaging the drying process or creating some wrinkles on the surface of fabrics. To avoid the failer drying, machines have to be stopped and labor cost is needed to clean the cylinder dryer.

Why PTFE Adhesive Tape is needed?

1. Nonstick Surface

teflon fabric water proof

PTFE Adhesive Tape can be used on the surface of a cylinder dryer to provide a non-stick surface, which can keep the cylinder dryer surface clean and increase working efficiency. PTFE Adhesive Tape is an ideal material that prevents almost all chemicals, any element can be wiped clean, thus saving a lot of time to stop the machine and cleaning cylinder, which finally increases the efficiency and decreases the cost of manufacturing.

2. Wide Temperature Resistant

teflon glass high temperature

PTFE also called Teflon can resist temperatures ranging from -70 ~ 360 °C, the cylinder dryer is heated drying while PTFE can cover the whole drying temperature.

3. Cost Effective

Compared to PTFE Coating directly on the metal of the cylinder dryer, installing PTFE Adhesive Tape on its surface is a more cost-effective way.
The thickness of our adhesive tape ranges from 0.08mm ~ to 0.30mm, is thin yet still durable for abrasion, and ensures a long lifetime.
What is more, this thickness also provides balanced heat transfer between the fabrics and the heater.

4. Higher Tensile Strength

Any heat may provide potential weakness to the strength of fabrics, especially if the cylinder dryer is continuously working for a long time.
The basic construction of PTFE Adhesive Tape is woven glass-fiber fabrics, it has high tensile strength, which provides enough strength ness for PTFE Adhesive Tape in extreme conditions.

5. Chemical Resistance

Hot drying or steam drying involves extreme operating conditions including various chemicals, these chemicals unavoidably can damage the metal roller and shorten its lifetime.  Our PTFE Adhesive Teflon Tape therefore must consider the stiffness and chemical resistance when manufacturing the compound fabrics. PTFE Adhesive Tape Premium can resist almost all chemicals, even including Strong Acids and Alkali, so it is totally chemical-free.

The standard specification for Compounding Machine.

We recommend product with specifications as follows:
Product Product Category Coating
Properties Metric Imperial
Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000 mm 39.5 inches
Backing thickness
PTFE Glass
0.15 mm 0.0059 inches
Total Thickness
PTFE Glass and Silicone PSA
0.20 mm 0.0079 inches
Baking weight
PTFE Glass
316 g/m² 9.32 oz/yd²
Tensile Stength 240 N/cm          Warp 137 lbs/inches           Warp
200 N/cm            Fill 114 lbs/inches             Fill
Adhesion 5.6 N/cm 51 oz/inches
Temperature resistance x-73 to +260 °C x-100 to +500 °F


Normally the width of the cylinder dryer ranges between 1500mm ~ and 2000mm.
Since the max width of Self Adhesive Teflon Tape only reaches 1200mm, you can install the length of our PTFE Adhesive Tape on the Width of the roller.
The width of our Teflon Tape(1000mm/1200mm) sticks to the diameter size of the roller.
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PTFE Adhesive Tape Supplier 0.15mm

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