PTFE Conveyor Belt

PTFE Conveyor Belt

The Esone PTFE conveyor belts are the perfect solution for industrial applications.

They combine non-stick properties(due to polytetrafluoroethylene coating also known as PTFE) and heat resistance with fiberglass strength to create an incredibly durable item that’s also safe, tasteless (odorless), odor-free as well FDA compliant! 


ptfe fiberglass structure

     Available colors

Esone PTFE Tape color

Properties and Advantages:

1. The woven glass substrate offers excellent strength and dimensional stability
2. Dimensionally and Operational stable from –100°F (-73° C) to +500°F (+260°C)
3. Highly durable and chemical resistant
4. Superior non-stick surface, easy to clean
5. UV, IR, and HF resistant

Different Sizes:

1. Max width: 3500mm

2.Thickness range: 0.04mm~ 1.1mm

3. Shorter width can be cut without extra cost

For the material itself we offer PTFE Cloth Tape Industrial, PTFE Fiberglass Fabric Premium, Porous PTFE, PTFE Cloth Antistatic, PTFE Glass Fiber Tear Resistant, PTFE Coated Kevlar Fabrics with specifications as follows:

Protective Reinforcement Edges:

Our PTFE Mesh Belt is made with surfaces that vary from smooth to antistatic to tear-resistant with different joints from metallic to non-metallic and several edge reinforcements to guarantee lifetime.

Esone selects different PTFE films or PTFE Glassfiber Fabric as reinforcement to protect the edges of each belt, which increases the lifetime of the belts.

Esone Teflon Conveyor Belt Fabric Edge

PTFE Coated Glassfiber Fabric Edge

Esone Teflon Belt Kevlar Edge

PTFE Coated Kevlar Edge

Esone PTFE Conveyor Belt Nomex

Nomex Edge

Belt Accessories:

Our PTFE Mesh Belts are equipped with various accessories which can meet the requirements of different machines.

Esone Teflon Belting PTFE Guide

PTFE Guilding String 10mm * 10mm

Esone Teflon Conveyor Belts PTFE Guide

PTFE Guilding String 4mm * 4mm

Esone Teflon Conveyor Belts Kevlar Guide

Kevlar Guilding String 4mm * 4mm

Esone has been in business for over 20 years and we take pride on delivering top-quality products that you can trust. We have our own production facility, which ensures quick delivery times to exceed customer expectations.


1. UV and Infrared Dryers
2. Shrink & Cooling tunnels
3. Reverse coating systems
4. Glue and Laminators and Food processes Belts
5. Screenprinting materials
6. Isolation compounds or extruded rubber goods for car industries & others.


Item NO Width
Others can be customized
PTFE Content
Tech Data
YS9035AJ 1000,1500,2600 0.35 680 64 Download
YS9040AJ 2600,2800 0.40 780 57 Download
YS9045AJ 1000,1500,2600 0.45 900 55 Download
YS9060AJ 2500 0.60 1170 50 Download
YS9063AJ 2350 0.63 1140 48 Download
YS9066AJ 2260 0.66 1050 45 Download
YS9068AJ 2450 0.68 1015 41 Download
YS9070AJ 2650 0.70 1350 50 Download
YS9075A 1500 0.75 750 40 Download
YS9076A-1 2350,2550 0.76 1015 43 Download
YS9076A-2 3800 0.76 1150 50 Download
YS9079A 3800 0.79 1290 55 Download
YS9088A 1230 0.88 1230 42 Download
YS9089A 3800 0.89 1085 38 Download
YS9090P 1500 0.90 1150 25 Download
YS9090A 1500,1600,2250 0.90 1600 47 Download
YS9094A 1600 0.94 1050 20 Download
YS9095A 1500,2600 0.95 1385 36 Download
YS9100 1500,1700
1.00 1800 45 Download
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