PTFE Mesh Belts

PTFE Mesh Belts

PTFE Mesh Belt is engineered to combine the mechanical properties of woven fabrics with the outstanding chemical resistance of PTFE coating. 

Esone coats the open mesh fiberglass fabric with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based fluoropolymer resin. 

To assure the highest quality belting, a team of experienced technicians carefully watches over every step in order to ensure that only qualified products are being produced. 


Available colors

ptfe fiberglass structure
Esone PTFE Tape color


1.The woven glass substrate offers excellent strength and dimensional stability
2. Dimensionally and Operational stable from –100°F (-73° C) to +500°F (+260°C)
3. Highly durable and chemical resistant
4. Superior non-stick surface, easy to clean
5. UV, IR, and HF resistant


The quality of our PTFE Mesh Belt is the highest standard and all materials used in their production has been inspected to meet this requirement. 

Air flows readily through the open weave of Esone’s woven fiberglass substrate, which in turn dramatical increases the performance and process efficiency for applications that require superior air and heat transfer in conveying and drying process with outstanding release characteristics, thermal, dimensional, and dynamic strength to stand up from routine to complex and from harsh to extreme circumstances.

Protective Reinforcement Edges:

Our PTFE Mesh Belt is made with surface various from smooth, to antistatic to tear resistant with different joints from metallic to non-metallic and several edge reinforcements to guarantee lifetime.

Esone select different PTFE Film or PTFE Glassfiber Fabric as reinforcement to protect the edges of each belt, which increases the lifetime of belts.

Esone Teflon Belts Red Edge

   PTFE Red Film

Teflon Conveyor Belt Black Film

PTFE Black Film 

Esone Teflon Mesh Belts2

PTFE White Film

Esone Teflon Belt Glassfiber Edge

Brown Fabric Edge

Esone Teflon Conveyor Belt Nomex2

Nomex Fabric Edge

Esone Teflon Belts Kevlar Edge

Kevlar Fabric Edge with Sewing

Belt Accessories:

Our PTFE Mesh Belts are equipped with various accessories which can meet the requirements of different machines.

Esone Teflon Belting PTFE Guide

PTFE Guilding String

10mm * 10mm

Esone Teflon Conveyor Belts PTFE Guide

PTFE Guilding String

4mm * 4mm

Esone Teflon Conveyor Belts Kevlar Guide

Kevlar Guilding String

4mm * 4mm

Esone Teflon Heavy Belt Silicone Guide

Silicone Guide

Esone Teflon Belt Supplier

Metal Studs

Metal Studs


All belts can be made with joints for different machines.

Esone Teflon Belt Bull Nose Joint

Bullnose Joint

Esone PTFE Belts Alligator Joint

Alligator Joint


Esone Teflon Belts Clipper Joint

Clipper Joint

Esone PTFE Belt Spiral Joint

Spiral Joint

Esone Teflon Conveyor Belt Castelated Joint

Castelated Joint

Esone Teflon Overlap Joint

Overlap Joint

Various Mesh Sizes:


PTFE Conveyor Belt YS6001

Mesh hole: 1mm * 1mm.

Properties: breathable but small articles cannot drip from the holes.

PTFE Mesh Sheet-YS6002

PTFE Mesh Sheet YS6002

Mesh hole: 1mm * 1mm.

Properties: Antistatic & Breathable for hot air to go through


PTFE Conveyor Belt YS6015

Mesh hole: 2mm * 2.5mm.

Properties: Stong strength, smaller hole,lower thickness


PTFE Mesh Sheet YS6008

Mesh hole: 4mm * 4mm.

Properties:  Standard for most applications


PTFE Conveyor Belt YS6015

Mesh hole: 10mm * 10mm

Properties: Super breathable, lighter weight


PTFE Mesh Sheet YS6018

Mesh hole: 8mm * 8mm.

Properties:  Medium size mesh holes, strong strength


We supply our belts globally to a wide range of industries from routine to complex and we carefully fabricate each one for the specific application.

Item NO Color Mesh Sizes
PTFE Content
Tensile Strength
Tech Data
YS6001 Brown 1×1 443 30 1780/1650 Y6001
Black 1×1 443 30 1780/1650 YS6001BJ
YS6003 Black 4×4 480 32 1330/1770 YS6003
YS6004 Brown 4×4 475 31 3200/1700 YS6004
Warp Kevlar
Brown 4×4 600 31 3200/3500 YS6007
YS6008 Brown 4×4 560 27 1700/2600 YS6008
Brown 4×4 680 32 2520/3500 YS6008S
YS6012 Black 4×4 570 28 1500/2500 YS6012
YS6013 Brown 10×10 360 24 970/1400 YS6013
YS6015 Brown 2×4 520 20 3250/1650 YS6015
Brown 2×4 620 31 3250/1650 YS6015S
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