Teflon cloth is a versatile industrial material that is commonly used in various industries because of its excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, anti-stickiness, and abrasion resistance. It is an essential component in the mold release industry where it plays a vital role in improving productivity and product quality. However, accidental scratches on the cloth can occur during use, and as such, there is a need to have a proper repair plan to fix the damaged Teflon high-temperature cloth.


Esone Company has developed a comprehensive repair plan to help stripping enterprises repair their Teflon high-temperature cloth. The plan is designed to be a safe, orderly, and cost-effective solution that can contribute to the construction of an energy-saving and environmentally friendly society.


teflon cloth fixing

The first step in the repair plan is to polish the damaged areas using a professional angle grinder. This process helps to mark and grind the damaged parts of the Teflon high-temperature cloth until it has a smooth surface. The surface should be smoothed out with a tungsten steel grinding disc, ensuring that there are no protrusions left behind.


teflon cloth fixing 2

Once the damaged areas have been smoothed out, the next step is to clean the polished surface with alcohol and apply adhesive.  Then the broken part needs to be sanded to a thinner and even thickness,  the basic construction glass fiber fabric is visible after sanding.


teflon cloth fixing3

The final step is to bond high-temperature fabric to the damaged parts of the Teflon cloth. Before heat pressing it, it better heat fixes the repairing piece of cloth in the right position to avoid moving around.  Taking care to avoid air bubbles.

Start the handle heating machine to reach the temperature of 400 degrees. The hot-pressure welding machine can then be used to compact the surface and remove any remaining air bubbles. 


Esone welding machine

Cooling pressing is a good choice after the heating press is finished. This step will make the repairing part soft and flexible for better functions.


It is worth noting that the repair plan developed by Esone Company is not only designed to be safe and cost-effective, but it is also efficient. By repairing the Teflon cloth,  enterprises can continue to use it, saving money that would have been spent on buying new Teflon cloth. This can help to reduce production costs and contribute to an environmentally friendly society.

In conclusion, the repair plan developed by Esone Company provides a comprehensive solution for repairing damaged Teflon cloths. The plan is designed to be safe, cost-effective, and efficient, allowing distributors to strength their after-sale services, reducing production costs for customers, and contributing to an environmentally friendly society.

Tools would be Usded:

Esone Welding Machine

Esone FEP Film

Esone PTFE Glass Cloth Tape

If  you are sourcing these tools, contact Esone to get a quote.



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