Teflon Conveyor Belt for Solar Panel Laminator

Teflon Conveyor Belt for Solar Panel Laminator is made from high-intensity fiberglass yarn that has been coated with a thin layer of PTFE.

This fabric provides excellent temperature resistance and does not melt or burn under pressure, making it perfect to use in solar panel lamination processes where there are high heat sources involved such as those found on roofs during sunny weather days when they get very hot!

What is Solar Panel Laminator:

Solar panel laminators are used for large-scale, high-efficiency production of solar panels.

This machine has double-layer, triple-layer, or multi-layer designs, a combination of laminating, curing, and water-cooling completed as a set.

It can be used for creating laminating solar cell panel components with different types and thicknesses or just about any other purpose you could think up!


Properties of Teflon Conveyor Belt:

1. Dimensional Stability:

It has been found that this product is highly dimensionally stable and will not suffer irreversible warping even when exposed to extreme temperatures. It also features a strong structure with less than a 5% lengthening coefficient!

2. High-Temperature Resistance

The heavy-duty construction of our equipment means that we can withstand high temperatures. The continuous operating range extends down to -70 degrees Celsius without any decrease in performance or durability!

3. Low friction coefficient

The skin friction coefficient of this material is low, which makes it an excellent insulator.

4. Nonstick surface for self-cleaning

The material of this product is unique in that it can clean virtually any surface and resist most kinds of oil or Eva glue stains. This includes dirty spots or other attached objects on your laminator surface, too!

5. Chemical Resistance

These belts are made of durable materials that can withstand all kinds of corrosion, from strong acids to alkaline salts. They won’t burn or explode when you put them on the surface of the Solar Panel Laminator as a protective release liner!


Teflon Conveyor Belts Specifications:

We offer two kinds of belt surfaces.

One is double-side smooth choosing from PTFE Fiberglass Fabric Premium Series.

Another option is using one side smooth which is touching the laminated products while another side with a rough surface which can increase the conveyor friction for high efficiency.


Product Product Category Coating
Properties Metric Imperial
Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000, 1500, 2000, 2600mm 39.5, 59.1, 78.8, 102.4  inches
Thickness 0.35 mm 0.0138 inches
Coated weight 680 g/m² 20 oz/yd²
PTFE content 62% 62%
Tensile Stength 540 N/cm          Warp 176 lbs/inches           Warp
508 N/cm            Fill 290 lbs/inches             Fill
Temperature resistance x-73 to +260 °C x-100 to +500 °F

Belt Accessories:

Esone Teflon Conveyor Belt for Solar Panel Laminator2
Esone Teflon Conveyor Belt for Solar Panel Laminator

To help install the Conveyor Belts on machines easily and conveniently, we suggest Castellated Joints.

Other joints are also available, please contact us for details.

For other specifications, pls send us a mail to: for custom service.

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