Silicone calender coated Fabric

Silicone calender coated fabric is designed to provide a excellent smooth surface, the calender coated silicone fabric offers increased tensile strength which allows for using in high temperature (continuously under 500°F) and strong pressure (maximum 1000 PSI).

This heavily coated and long life silicone fabric is a excellent solution for pressing pads in heat, cushion for pressure lamination, insulation material and so on.

The property of Silicone calender cloth is as follows.

  • Heat resistant
  • High mechanical strength
  • Anti-aging
  • Soft and can be cut
  • High dielectric strength
Silicone calender coated Fabric


Electrical Insulation

Due to the high dielectric strength and superior breakdown voltage of silicone calendar fabric, this silicone fabric can be made into electrical insulation mat, electrical insulation cover, and others, in order to resist the high voltage or offer insulation protection.

Silicone calender coated Fabric

Cushion for pressure lamination

ESONE silicone calender coated fabric has an excellent smooth and soft surface, it can resist high temperature and has high mechanical strength.

Comparing to PTFE liner or PTFE pillow which is also for a heat press release, silicone fabric can be used in industrial to resist higher pressure because of the softness of silicone.

Silicone calender coated Fabric

Anti-corrosive Fabric

ESONE flexible silicone fabric can be used for an anti-corrosive liner for a chemical storage tank, pipeline, and others, it satisfies demands for limiting the loss of vapor and chemical compatibility which makes storage tank safer.

Thanks for the high mechanical strength, strong chemical resistant and heat resistant property, this silicone-coated fabric is specially engineered to offer excellent reliability and long lifetime in storage, containment, and chemical processing.

Silicone calender coated Fabric

Conveyor Belts

ESONE silicone calender coated fabric has a superior smooth surface, heat resistant property, anti-corrosive property, and strong mechanical strength, so it can be made into conveyor belts for heat and corrosive working environment.

This silicone fabric can be sealed easily and is lightweight, which makes this belt easy to install, repair, or replace.

PTFE solid belt with joint

Insulation Jacket

Insulation Jacket is designed to help customers save energy when traditional insulation is not practical, it is customized and wrapped outside pumps, filters, exchange, pipeline, valves, freeze protection, and so on.

By using a removable insulation blanket, customers can combine reducing heat loss, insulation design, and wireless monitoring together.

Insulation Jacket

Fireproof material

Silicone fabric is flame resistant, and it can isolate oxygen when covering the fire.

Due to this property, silicone calender coated fabric can be used as fireproof material in construction industry.

ESONE silicone coated fabric has certification of fireproof property.

Silicone calender coated Fabric

Flexible Expansion Joint

Silicone fabric can be used for flexible expansion joint between equipment, ventilating duct or pipeline, this flexible joint can relieve stress due to the thermal expansion and eliminate transmission of vibration.

This high strength composite silicone fabric is designed to withstand high temperature, chemical corrosion and constant vibration in ducting system, it provides great environmental protection while maintaining the mechanical strength and excellent flexibility property in harsh and corrosive environment.

Silicone fabric can be easily repaired or replaced because the material is light weight and no need metal support, it is widely used in oil and gas industry, chemical industry, energy industry, cement industry and others.

Silicone calender coated Fabric 5


  • Color; Red, Black or others
  • Length: 50 m per roll
  • Width: standard is 1m and 1.2m
  • Coating: one side or both sides coated
  • Vulcanization: can be cured or uncured
Silicone calender coated Fabric
Style Standard Width(mm)  
Please ask for other widths
Normal Thickness
Tensile Strength Warp
Tensile Strength Fill
Breaking Strength
YS5030 1000, 1250 0.30 1800 1400 1.2
YS5050 1000, 1250, 1500, 1800 0.50 2000 1600 2.0
YS5080 1000, 1250, 1500, 1800 0.80 3800 3400 2.6
YS5100 1000, 1200 1.00 4000 3800 3
YS5110 1000, 1200 1.10 4200 4000 3
YS5130 1000, 1200 1.30 4500 4300 3
YS5150 1000, 1200 1.50 4800 4400 3
YS5200 1000, 1200 2.00 5200 4800 3
YS5250 1000, 1200 2.50 5800 5100 3
YS5280 1000, 1200 2.80 6000 5200 3
YS5300 1000, 1200 3.00 6100 5300 3
YS5400 1000, 1200 4.00 7000 6000 3

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