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Project Description

One side Teflon coated fabric

One side Teflon coated fabric, a cost effective PTFE fabric for application only need one side non stick

One side Teflon coated fabric is impregnated by a special way, resulting in a PTFE fabric which is one side PTFE coating. Due to some applications only use one side of PTFE fabric, or will use special glue to stick PTFE fabrics to metal, plastic or polymer, so one side Teflon coated cloth will be the best solution for these applications.

Why use one side Teflon coated fabric

Normal PTFE coated fabric is coating both sides PTFE on woven fiberglass, but one side PTFE coated cloth only has one side PTFE coating, the another side will be fiberglass.

For some applications that don’t have high request, this one side coated fabric is designed for replacing PTFE coated adhesive tape, due to the lower cost and one side easy release property, this one side PTFE cloth is workable for insulation, mold release for composite and so on.

And for some applications which need PTFE coated fabric stick to metal or product very tightly, will use one side Teflon coated fabric, and use special glue to stick the glassfiber side.

One side Teflon coated fabric

one side Teflon coated fabric

Features of one side coated PTFE fabric

   Sufficient release property

One side Teflon cloth has sufficient release property, enough mechanical strength and good dielectric strength.

   Cost effective

One side PTFE cloth cost lower than PTFE fabric premium and PTFE adhesive tape, and offer enough property for application don’t have high request.

   Easy to stick tightly

Due to some applications will use special glue to stick one side PTFE fabric to metal, plastic or polymer, so one side Teflon coated fabric is the perfect solution for this requirement. Because PTFE adhesive tape is using Silicone sensitive pressure adhesive, which can be released.


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