Insulation Jacket
Insulation Jacket is designed to help customers save energy when traditional insulation is not practical, it is customized and wrapped outside pumps, filters, exchange,
pipeline, valves, freeze protection and so on.

By using removable insulation blanket, customers can combine reducing heat loss, insulation design and wireless monitoring together.

Removable insulation jacket
Insulation jacket

Benefits of removable insulation jacket

Reducing cost of energy
Enable periodic maintenance
Prevent waste and excess cost of hard insulation
Extent the life of machinery
Improve safety of workshop
PTFE fabric for Insulation Jacket
PTFE Fabric for Insulation Jacket is made with fluoropolymer coated glass fabrics, which is designed for removable insulation jackets / covers / blankets, this fabric is UV,
chemical and flame resistant, has high tensile strength and can resist heat to 600F.

Comparing to silicone fabric, PTFE fabric can resist higher temperature to 600F, has stronger chemical resistance & anti-environmental property, and has self-cleaning surface.

ESONE is offering following spec.

Width: Maximum 1500mm, other width such as 1000mm is available
Weight: 16.5 oz/yd², 18 oz/yd², 34 oz/yd² and others
Property: Can be made with Anti-static



PTFE Mold Release Tape
PTFE Mold Release Tape, make of woven fiberglass coated with high quality PTFE(TEFLON), and back side coated with Silicone PSA. This mold release tape has higher tensile strength than normal self adhesive PTFE fabric. In this case, ESONE adhesive tape will be easily took down after repeatedly used.

ESONE mold release adhesive fabric is used to stick the molding, for the manufacturing of aircraft composites, wind power blade composite, like satcom and weather radomes, helicopter rotor blade, structural components like wings, tail section, fuselage component and so on.